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My car was struck by another driver that merged into my car. This accident was no fault of mine. Jeff Lecoeuche, my Farmers Insurance agent and his team assisted me in reporting the accident and submitting my claim. My car was rapidly repaired at Blake's Auto Body in Santa Rosa, CA. All expenses of repair were paid, rental car for ten days, and my $500 deductible fee, with several weeks of the accident. So grateful. This is why we carry insurance and Farmers was there for me.
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Great service!
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If you would like to have superior customer service instead of the old computer generated press 5 for this and 7 for that, you should contact Jeff Lecoeuche, Farmers Insurance in Santa Rosa.
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Awful and still haven't heard back
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See my shrink who has an office in the bldg
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I switched all of my insurance needs to the Jeff Lecoeuche Insurance Agency over a year ago because they are friendly, thorough and very knowledgeable in a large variety of both personnel and business insurance needs. Jeff is fond of saying " it's not what you pay, but what you pay for!" I switched because I gave him all of my policies to review and I was grossly under insured, I had gaps in my insurance that I wasn't aware that could or should be covered. I am very happy and secure in the fact that they really consider my family and my business and make sure we are all protected. I couldn't recommend Jeff any higher! Sincerely Robert J. De Wan Visionary Builders
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Jeff and his staff are friendly and genuine, but more importantly, are extremely knowledgeable and thorough. If you want coverage that actually will protect your assets, call Jeff. As a Macintosh consultant, finding the right insurance was not easy. Not until I sat down with Jeff, anyway. He made it easy and at a reasonable cost. I know that Jeff fights for his clients, he's done that for friends of mine, and got them a fair and swift settlement. I highly recommend Jeff Lecoeuche for any insurance needs.
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Experience matters and the customer service is excellent. Sometimes I am surprised at all of the kinds of business insurance covered by Jeff Lecoeuche insurance agency and it is amazing that they have experience with them all, but that is why I recommend them.
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